B20 Indonesia Summit: Recover Together, Recover Stronger, and Address Corruption Through Collective Action

On 12 – 13 November, political and business leaders met in Bali Indonesia for the B20 Summit. One of the challenges that keeps being highlighted is the challenges with corruption leading to unfair business practices and standing in the way of every Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

MACN supports the call out for B20 companies and G20 governments to facilitate and engage in Anti-Corruption Collective Action initiatives and was honored to support the B20 process serving as part of the Integrity and Compliance Task Force.

MACN CEO Cecilia Müller Torbrand says;  “We are happy to note that collective action is the second of four recommendations of the Policy Paper of the B20 Indonesia Integrity and Compliance Task Force and that collective action is recommended as a vital tool to optimize fundamental safeguards of integrity and transparency when interacting with business network and government parties. Since its inception, MACN believes that sustainable, transformational change requires multi-stakeholder collaboration; that collaboration must provide win-win solutions to motivate and incentivize all stakeholders to contribute; and that business itself must adopt strong anti-corruption management practices.”

We are happy to see that collective action remains highlighted as a solution in the Policy Paper which can be downloaded Here