Capacity building to address corruption challenges through incident data and MACN’s Global Port Integrity Platform

MACN’s ongoing efforts to build members Capability in recognizing and addressing corruption challenges comes in various forms. One way is to learn from the latest data trends, hotspots and rising corruption challenges in the maritime industry. MACN believes a better understanding of how the MACN Anonymous Reporting System works is key to the journey of fighting corruption.

Earlier in September MACN held a webinar focusing on incident reporting, data trends and the Global Port Integrity Platform (GPIP) (member link) for its members.

MACN calls for an industry-wide approach to combat corruption by Rejecting, Recording, and Reporting challenges to MACN. The outputs of MACN’s anonymous incident reporting system allows members and the maritime industry to learn from each other and be better prepared for port calls in high risk areas. MACN also uses the data to drive its in-country Collective Action efforts, track progress, and facilitate constructive dialogue with key stakeholders in the fight against corruption. A recording of the meeting and the slides are available on the MACN members platform here. (member link)