MACN Fall Members Meeting, 11-12 October, London, UK

MACN will host its second biannual members meeting of 2017 in London. The meeting will give MACN members the opportunity to assess the progress we have made on the three pillars of our strategy and to discuss current or developing challenges around corruption in the maritime sector. Sector-specific and country-specific breakout sessions will allow members to explore issues in detail and to share relevant best practices.

In addition to the regular, member-driven content and updates on our activities, we’ll be hearing from prominent speakers on topics including the connections between compliance and other sustainability goals, and how to react in a crisis.

If you have any further questions regarding MACN or BSR, please contact Cecilia Muller Torbrand, MACN Program Director.

Join Introductory Webinar to Learn about MACN

Are you interested in the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN) and would like to find out more?

MACN’s Steering Committee and the MACN Secretariat are pleased to invite you to an introductory webinar on Thursday, 6 July.

In this webinar, we will present MACN’s vision, outcomes, and activities. We will present the benefits of becoming a member and explain how MACN’s scope of work can support your company’s compliance efforts.


Why should you join the webinar to hear more about MACN?

  • If your company is in the process of developing its anti-corruption program and/or revisiting existing programs and seeking input on benchmarking
  • If your company is faced with corrupt demands during vessel or cargo clearance procedures
  • If your company would benefit from peer discussions on corruption-related issues
  • If your company would benefit from discussions across the supply chain (from agent to cargo owners) on corrupt demands you or your supply chain are facing
  • If your company wants to make a positive difference towards a maritime industry free of corruption

Member Testimony

“To me the most fantastic thing about MACN is that the maritime industry has actually agreed on having this network and try to change the culture and work together against corruption. Any other industry could do the same – but I do not know of any other which has!

We see so many challenges – small and large – in so many places worldwide, and we would not be able to make a difference ourselves, but being part of MACN with the support from the entire network, we can make a difference!

The seminars are a good base for knowledge sharing and gives you the opportunity to meet people with the same mindset and exchange ideas that can assist you in the daily work in your own company.

The platform offered by MACN gives good tools, which makes it easy for us to join in on the collective actions, and in general we can reach out to you at the MACN secretariat and ask for assistance, updates etc.

If a company really wants to initiate any anti-corruption steps, MACN would be the best place to go!”

— Lillian Frøhling Hansen, Insurance and Claims Manager, Norden

MACN Members Meeting: April 26-27, 2017 | Dubai, UAE

The first MACN Members Meeting of 2017 took place in Dubai on 26-27 April.

The MACN team is pleased to share summary notes and the full notes from the meeting.

In total, 85 representatives from 52 member companies, observers and guest speakers attended the meeting. High-level outcomes included:

  • With members’ approval of the strategy, the 2020 direction of MACN is set and implementation of the strategy is the key next step.
  • The three main strategy pillars (Capacity Building, Collective Action, and Culture of Integrity) and their respective roadmaps were presented at the meeting with positive member feedback.
  • The desired outcome of the strategy is to strengthen MACN’s core activities which means:
    • Build on member engagement to create a level playing field and provide support and tools to assist in strengthening members’ internal compliance programs;
    • Deliver result focused collective actions leading to more efficient port operations and reduction of corrupt demands;
    • Collaborate with key stakeholders to raise awareness of integrity issues across the supply chain and promote actions that strengthen integrity culture for private and public sector.

Thank you to all MACN members for your excellent participation! We look forward to seeing you at the next MACN full group members’ meeting in London, 11-12 October 2017.

Global Anti-corruption, Compliance & Ethics Summit 2017 | Lisbon, Portugal

It is a well-known fact that the primary aim of every business is to maximise profit. However, every business needs to be compliant to the necessary authorities to avoid sanctions and other related obstacles that could prevent it from flourishing. The dynamics of today’s business world necessitates the need for companies to ensure that they have the right compliance risk assessment in check to mitigate risk.

This Summit will be focusing as well as create the best platform to dialogue with colleagues from various industries on the best practices and real solutions to the challenges faced by many business owners regarding ethics and compliance issues.

This event is exclusively focused on senior management, and provides the attendees with a chance to have constructive and unconstrained communication between delegates and the speaker panel, which comprises of prosecutors, regulators, experts and many more. This open summit format will be combination of panel discussions and workshops to achieve maximal interaction. It is with great pleasure that we invite you to participate in this Summit.

We look forward to welcoming you at the Summit in Lisbon!