Collective Action Updates | November 2017


We are delighted to announce that a new regulation has been adopted in Argentina, as a successful outcome of a three-year MACN collective action. For more information, please see our media release. So far the release has led to articles in Lloyd’s List, the American Journal of TransportationShip Management InternationalDry Bulk MagazineShipping Watch (Danish), and the B20 Collective Action Hub. To help MACN members and industry players to navigate the new regulation, please download the below:


The Suez Canal Say No campaign continues to deliver! A member company shared the latest from one of its captains:

“I am delighted to inform your good office that the transit in Suez Canal was smooth and uneventful. The agent promptly introduced himself to boarding authorities/visitors and explained about MACN and the company’s anti-corruption policy, thereby eliminating the chance for these individuals to demand cash or in-kind payments. During pilot boarding and the exchange of pilots, the agent was present at the bridge to explain the MACN policy for the pilots to understand. This meant that the master was relieved of the pressure of dealing with these corrupt practices and could therefore focus on the safe navigation of the vessel in the canal. There were a few attempts from the quarantine officers and the electrician, but these were immediately dealt with by our agent. Overall, the experience was good, and no facilitation of any kind was given by the ship.”


The MACN Secretariat collects issues and provides direct feedback to the Nigerian authorities with support from our local partner, Soji Apampa of the Convention on Business Integrity Nigeria (CBI). We have provided feedback on specific issues, which were escalated to the Nigerian authorities and presented to senior government representatives in Abuja for further investigation. We also encourage industry players to use the Nigerian grievance mechanism for issues occurring in ports. For more information, see the relevant SOPS and grievance mechanisms on the Port Services Support Portal (PSSP): and