Empowering the Next Wave: MACN’s Next Generation of Seafarers Training in the Philippines

In 2023, MACN launched its training program for the next generation of seafarers. The course is intended to give pre-sea cadets awareness about corruption in the maritime industry and seeks to address this issue by empowering cadets with the necessary knowledge to stand against corruption. Since then, MACN has piloted the training in maritime training institutions across South Asia and the Philippines. 

Recent survey feedback from students finalizing the module is extremely positive. More than 97% of respondents report being either satisfied or extremely satisfied with the content.

One student says: 

[The course] provides a simple understanding that we need to know in related problems to corruption and bribery towards seafarers. It helps us to observe our surroundings and protect ourselves from these kinds of scenarios.” 

After several successful pilots, the MACN’s Next Generation of Seafarers training will be made a part of the curriculum in several training institutions. MACN forecasts that in 2024, one year after its launch, over 1000 cadets will be trained – a number that will continue to expand in the years to come.