MACN Local Helpdesk

MACN’s local HelpDesks aim to assist vessels encountering corrupt demands by port stakeholders*, preventing unjustified or unethical outcomes during port/terminal inspections.

*Government officials, pilots, port agents, P&I correspondents, surveyors, etc

1. Pre-Arrival Notification (PAN)

Before arriving at any port or terminal: Send a Pre-Arrival Notification (PAN) +72 hours before arrival with the required information (as indicated below) to

If your vessel calls one of MACN’s HelpDesk countries (Nigeria, Egypt, Ukraine, and India), remember to add their email addresses (see below).

PAN Information

Email Subject: MACN Vessel (NameXXX) – IMO Number (XXXXXXXX) Port/Terminal (NameXXXX) – Country (NameXXXX)

Email Body:

  • Name of vessel
  • IMO number
  • Name of arrival Port/Harbour/Terminal
  • Name of arrival country
  • Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)
  • Estimated Time of Departure (ETD)
  • Last port of call
  • Next port of call
  • Name and contact details of boarding agent

After you have sent a PAN, you will receive an automatic reply with our frontline material, country specific information (if available) and advice on how to prepare pending your destination country.

Contact information for MACN Local HelpDesks:

🇪🇬 Egypt MACN Local HelpDesk partner: ELDIB


Copy to:

Phone Number (WhatsApp): +20 102 4888402

Create a PAN email template from this link