MACN’s local HelpDesks aims to assist vessels when they face a corrupt demand during vessel clearance and/or inspections by relevant Port Stakeholders (including but not limited to Government officials, pilots, port agents, P&I correspondents, surveyors, etc.) that may lead to unjustified/unethical outcomes of these inspections in ports/terminals.  

Currently, HelpDesks are available in Nigeria, Egypt, Ukraine, and India where vessels and companies can expect 24/7 real-time support.  

Additionally, in Argentina, it is possible to request local support. However, this is not 24/7 and real-time. 

1. Pre-Arrival Notification (PAN)

Before arriving at any port or terminal: Send a Pre-Arrival Notification (PAN) +72 hours before arrival with the required information (as indicated below) to

If your vessel calls one of MACN’s HelpDesk countries (Nigeria, Egypt, Ukraine, and India), remember to add their email addresses (see below). 

PAN Information

Email Subject: MACN Vessel (NameXXX) – IMO Number (XXXXXXXX) Port/Terminal (NameXXXX) – Country (NameXXXX)

Email Body:

  • Name of vessel
  • IMO number
  • Name of arrival Port/Harbour/Terminal
  • Name of arrival country
  • Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)
  • Estimated Time of Departure (ETD)
  • Last port of call
  • Next port of call
  • Name and contact details of boarding agent

After you have sent a PAN, you will receive an automatic reply with our frontline material, country specific information (if available) and advice on how to prepare pending your destination country.

Contact information for MACN Local HelpDesks:

🇪🇬 Egypt MACN Local HelpDesk partner: ELDIB


Copy to:

Phone Number (WhatsApp): +20 102 4888402

Create a PAN email template from this link

🇮🇳 India MACN Local HelpDesk partner


Copy to:;

HelpDesk Phone (incl. WhatsApp): +91 76838 59272

Capt. Shroff +918850986176

Soumya Prakash Dalua +917683856272

Create a PAN email template from this link

🇳🇬 Nigeria MACN Local HelpDesk partner

Convention on Business Integrity (CBi)

Email to:

Copy to:;

HelpDesk Phone (WhatsApp): +234 818 738 0696

Nigerian Shipper Council Phone (WhatsApp): +2348188888895

Create a PAN email template from this link

🇺🇦 Ukraine MACN Local HelpDesk partner



Copy to:;

Phone (WhatsApp, Viber, Telegram): Mr. Artem Volkov: +38 067 487 47 88

Mr. Konstantin Moriakov: +38 063 437 79 19

Create a PAN email template from this link

🇦🇷 Argentina MACN Local partner

Name: Mr. Fernando Felipe Basch


Copy to:

Phone 1: +54 11 4021-2939,

Phone 2: +54 11 4021-2979,

Phone 3: +54 11 4021-2301

Create a PAN email template from this link

2. Incident Management

Rejecting demands from public officials can be a stressful situation.

It’s important to stay calm and excuse yourself to contact your company and/or the MACN Helpdesk if available in the respective country.

When to escalate (but not limited to):

  • When Port Stakeholders* demand items of value (e.g., cigarettes, alcohol, food) to be taken away from the vessel in order to clear the vessel for operations.
  • When vessel inspections may lead to unjustified/unethical outcomes or fines.
  • During on-board inspection if Port Stakeholders* provide an option for a clean inspection report in exchange for money or items of value from the vessel.
  • When Port Stakeholders* behave unprofessionally during inspections and vessel clearance.
  • When there is any doubt on board the vessel with regard to the nature of the vessel clearance procedures or inspections.

*Port Stakeholders may include but are not limited to Government officials, pilots, port agents, P&I correspondents, surveyors, etc. 

How to escalate:

  • Step 1: Vessel shall notify the Company (DPA or appointed person) immediately.
  • Step 2: The company shall advise and provide relevant support to the Vessel – for e.g., contacting the Port Agent or P&I Club/Correspondents or Class depending on the nature of the case.
  • Step 3: The company shall advise the Vessel to contact MACN HelpDesk (or the Company can contacts HelpDesk directly) if available in the respective country. Please utilize all means of communication if needed (i.e. phone call, WhatsApp chat, e-mail) and provide a brief description of the situation and attach relevant documents.
  • Step 4: When MACN HelpDesk is activated, the case can/will be escalated to the relevant Government officials for their intervention.
  • Step 5: MACN HelpDesk will follow up with the vessel/Company on the relevant case, via all modes of communication.

Important note: When calling or using WhatsApp to contact MACN Helpdesk, it important to share your Name, Vessel details, Name of the Port, and details of the demand being made (Who is making the demand / What is the demand being made). 

3. Post Departure Investigation

Following your visit to any global port, it is important for us to understand your experience during your visit and if any corrupt demands were made during your visit. You will therefore receive an email following your departure with three simple questions about your port experience.