Incident report form (Large Data Sets)

To report multiple incidents:

  1. Download this Excel file here
  2. Fill out the relevant details
  3. Upload the file using using the upload function below.

What reporting does

MACN’s anonymous incident reporting system enables maritime players to submit reports on corrupt demands they have faced during port operation. The outputs of the anonymous incident reporting allow members to learn from each other to potentially avoid similar incidents in their own operations. The use of the mechanism has significantly increased over the years. To date, MACN has collected close to 40,000 reports of corrupt demands globally.

MACN uses this data to analyze trends in frequency of incidents, allowing MACN to target collective action efforts and engage with governments. It has been a successful way to facilitate a constructive dialogue in meetings with governments and other stakeholders. Reporting is anonymous and non-attributable: It is not possible for anyone to identify who has submitted a report, and the report does not include details that would identify ships or individuals.

MACN invites both members and non-members to share details of corrupt demands or threats. Companies wishing to share data on incidents can also use the individual Incident Report Form here.