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Background and Rationale

MACN’s incident data shows that requests for small in-kind payments (for example, cigarettes, alcohol, and soft drinks) are frequently made across Indian ports. Rejecting such demands leads to threats of delays to the vessel and threats of fines for alleged non-compliance. Some vessels have also reported denial of shore passes for the crew. Further, problems have been reported relating to the burdensome documentation processes. One of the key ambitions of the Government of India is to improve the national business climate in their “Ease of Doing Business” Plan. MACN’s proposals and ideas for strengthening integrity at ports are timely and align closely with the priorities of the Government.

MACN’s Strategy

In 2019, MACN started building momentum in India with the launch of a Say No Campaign, aimed to reduce integrity issues and operational bottlenecks in Indian ports. The campaign brought together the Indian Government, MACN members, and local industry stakeholders in Mumbai ports (MbPT and JNPT) and was successfully tested for six months.

Building upon the experience gained, we have further refined our strategy in 2021 as part of our South Asia Expansion Initiative. The key components of this strategy include:

  • Build stronger business Collective Action among the private sector operators in Indian ports;
  • Build capacity and foster a culture of integrity across the maritime private sector value chain, and among key public sector port agencies in India;
  • Build public-private partnerships for addressing integrity challenges across the maritime value chain in India.

Outcomes and Impact

  • Anti-Corruption Recommendations: MACN contributed to the development of anti-corruption recommendations.
  • High-Level Support: government commitment to combat corruption at the highest level.
  • Help Desk Implementation: MACN launched and operationalized the Help Desk. The Help Desk enables port users to report and track incidents of corrupt demands. This initiative has increased stakeholder capacity for anti-corruption management and reduced the cost of doing business.
  • A Steering Committee, with representatives from:
    • Indian Ports Association (IPA)
    • The Indian National Shipowners’ Association (INSA)
    • Maritime Association of Shipowners Shipmanagers and Agents (MASSA)
    • Foreign Owners Representatives and Ship Managers Association (FOSMA)
    • Maritime Associations of Nationwide Shipping Agencies (MANSA)
    • GlobalMET

We have strengthened our team with the addition of an India-based Project Manager, a Senior Advisor, and a Maritime Expert. In July 2022, we organized a Launch Campaign, attended by more than 150 participants.

Latest MACN News from India

MACN’s Local Team

Soumya Prakash Dalua – Project Manager, Mumbai, India

Deepak Shetty – Senior Advisor, Mumbai, India

Capt. Shroff – Maritime Expert, Mumbai, India

India Helpdesk (Active since July 2022)


Members have used the service


Port calls registered (25 escalated as incidents)


Cases successfully resolved

Updated June 2024

Lessons Learned

  • There has been a steady increase in PANs filed by Members of MACN recently.
  • MACN’s local team could resolve all the 12 cases escalated to them successfully.
  • Significant outreach engagements, meetings, and interactions (59) done, far and wide, over the past 16 months, by MACN-India, have led to a steady increase in the number of PANs filed by member and non-member companies.
  • 20 maritime corruption incidents have been reported to the MACN India, thus far; All of which have been promptly escalated and resolved successfully, within an average timeline of around 4 hours from reporting, leading to a 100% success rate.

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MACN India Timeline

  • 2023

    • A Steering Committee with Industry Leaders was established; three steering committee meetings held
    • The Curtain Raiser Event held at the Taj Mahal attracts 200 industry stakeholders from both the public and private sectors
    • MACN’s Member Meeting was held in Mumbai
    • MACN engages in India B20 and submits a formal paper to G20
  • 2022

    • Expansion of the team with an India-based Senior Advisor and a Maritime Expert
    • Launch of MACN HelpDesk India
  • 2021

    • Hiring of an MACN full time resource in India
    • Funding received from the Siemens Integrity Initiative
    • Recruitment and outreach to establish a collective action alliance
  • 2019

    • Launch of the Port Integrity Campaign in Mumbai ports with support from the Indian government and prominent business associations from the pilot campaign
  • 2018

    • Prepared for campaign by visiting India
  • 2017

    • Build momentum to strengthen integrity in ports
  • 2016

    • Drafted timeline for key tasks
  • 2015

    • Initial meeting with key stakeholders in India

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