MACN at #IACC2022

MACN’s CEO, Cecilia Müller Torbrand, is looking forward to attending the International Anti-Corruption Conference in Washington DC on 6–10 December 2022.

MACN will be presented as follows:

Thursday 8 December 1:30 PM-3:00 PM EST – Plenary 5: Ending Dark Markets, Criminal Networks and Cross Border Crimes
In this session MACN’s CEO will provide insights to the importance of collective action and partnerships across the value chain to create sustainable results.

Friday 9 December 1:30 PM EST – Data and the future of collective action against corruption. How can data support collective action against corruption?
This workshop is hosted by MACN and serves as a practical session on how data can support business-driven Collective Action in high-risk markets. It covers:

  • how corruption data can drive better integrity standards for the private sector globally, using examples from MACN’s Anonymous Incident Reporting system
  • how data can drive the adoption of stronger integrity standards, using examples from an award-winning Collective Action project in Nigerian ports;
  • what determines success in Collective Action, with contributions from the audience; and
  • how Collective Action links to the international agenda.

It features Gemma Aiolfi speaking on behalf of the Basel Institute on Governance, together with Soji Apampa from the Convention on Business Integrity in Nigeria and senior advisor Pascale Dubois.

See the IACC website for the full #IACC2022 agenda and workshops