MACN Featured in Nautilus Magazine

In response to an article concerning the difficulties faced by captains in relation to corruption, MACN has been featured in Nautilus Telegraph, a leading industry publication. In the article, MACN Chair Sam Megwa and MACN Program Director Angie Farrag-Thibault share their thoughts on the issue and on the impact that MACN can have.

“We recognise the enormous difficulty that ship masters and officers face when they receive demands for facilitation payments”, commented Farrag-Thibault. “The power of collective action and collaboration is that shipping companies and captains can feel that their counterparts are going to respond in the same way, and that they won’t be on their own – that a collective pressure will be brought to bear on those making the demands.”

“We have been successful and have made headway in tacking corruption in some of the worst areas”, Megwa explained.