MACN’s Latest ESG Guidance Document

MACN recently released its latest guidance document titled “ESG Reporting on Anti-Corruption” for its members. Recognizing existing gaps and the lack of precise guidelines on this topic, we have developed this guidance document to support the integration of ethical principles and progress on anti-corruption into ESG reporting. The document also presents a complete overview of relevant reporting metrics, with reference to SASB, GRI, and ESRS, among others.

The document presents a comprehensive list of questions that MACN members may want to consider when detailing their ESG reports. This new guidance is a particularly valuable resource for companies in the planning phase of their ESG reporting, as it highlights the data that may need to be collected and includes references to relevant materials and guidelines that can assist you in enhancing your anti-corruption reporting practices. Additionally, links to MACN tools have been included for the various metrics to guide and assist members in the reporting process.

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