Tackling Systemic Cash Extortion in Holds Inspection

Background and Rationale

Malaysia, with its strategic position in Southeast Asia, has historically been a vital maritime hub, facilitating global and regional trade. In recent times, the country has witnessed a significant reduction in corruption incidents, reflecting positively on its business and investment climate. The Malaysian government has placed anti-corruption measures high on its agenda, showing a commitment to improving transparency and governance in the maritime industry. However, according to MACN’s incident data and feedback from industry players, some challenges remain, particularly at a regional level. It is vital to ensure that improvements become both deep-rooted and sustainable across the country, in key ports and shipping segments. 

MACN’s Strategy

In response to the evolving landscape, MACN launched a new initiative in Malaysia, backed by the commitment of the Malaysian government and industry stakeholders to uphold integrity and transparency. The strategy focuses on enhancing collaboration between the private sector and government agencies, promoting best practices, and leveraging MACN’s global network and compliance tools. Key components include facilitating industry dialogue, conducting awareness sessions, and over time further localizing the collective action initiative. These efforts are designed to sustain the momentum and address specific areas of concern in the Malaysian maritime sector. 

Latest News from Malaysia

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MACN Malaysia Timeline

  • 2024

    • MACN is hosting its Fall Member Meeting in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia
  • 2023

    • Key speaker at the Anti-Corruption Symposium hosted by MACC, MASA, Ministry of Transport, and Port Klang Authority  
    • Met and engaged with civil society organizations, key industry and government stakeholders from the shipping and port sector  
    • Conducted a risk assessment in collaboration with industry stakeholders to identify and highlight corruption challenges in the port and maritime sector
  • 2022

    • Established contact with the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) and organized joint integrity training for the industry
  • 2021

    • Stakeholder mapping and outreach. Initial contact with MACN members in Malaysia and local business associations

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