New Study: The Cost of Maritime Corruption

MACN has commissioned a new study on the cost of maritime corruption for the industry and society. For over a decade, MACN has gathered first-hand data to map the extent of maritime corruption in the port and maritime sector. While detailed accounts of the direct cost of corruption have been documented, a comprehensive assessment of its overall monetary impact on the maritime industry and wider society, including indirect costs such as extended vessel lead times and delays, has been lacking. Understanding these hidden costs is crucial, as they profoundly affect commercial activity and society.

This study, developed by QBIS, puts a dollar value on the cost of corruption for the private sector, government, and society, taking into account some of the hidden indirect costs resulting from corrupt practices across the maritime supply chain. The findings demonstrate a clear economic benefit and a compelling business case for proactive anti-corruption measures by both governments and businesses. These benefits have positive ripple effects for the entire economy, domestic revenue mobilisation, the business climate, and people’s livelihoods.

Click on this link to read a summary of the study.