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“Say No” Campaign Gains Ground In Egypt

The pilot phase of the concerted “Say No” campaign, piloted by a number of MACN companies in the Suez Canal as part of a collective action launched on International Anti-Corruption Day in December 2015, ended recently. The campaign has decreased the frequency of demands for payments and has made it easier for captains to say […]

The Fight Against Corruption Starts In The Charter-Party

Only in Danish: Hvem har ansvaret, når et rederi udsættes for krav om bestikkelse? Ny anti-korruptionsklausul i Bimcos standardkontrakter sikrer, at rederier og lastejere arbejder sammen om at håndtere korruption. Det kræver en massiv og koordineret indsats, hvis man skal bekæmpe korruption i f.eks. havne og ved maritime anlæg. Den nye anti-korruptionsklausul i standardkontrakterne sikrer, […]

Say No To Corruption

BSR’s MACN team published a blog to publicize the impacts and achievements of MACN over the last five years. The blog also highlighted the methodology underlying MACN’s collective action success. “These collective actions have resulted in tangible outcomes and long-term impacts, including the passing of new legislation (in Argentina), a decrease in waiting times, and […]

Tackling Corruption Through Collective Action: A Q&A With Cecilia Müller Torbrand, Chair Of MACN

December 9, 2014 was International Anti-Corruption Day, and on December 10, 2014 the UN Global Compact celebrated the 10th anniversary of its Principle 10, which states, “Businesses should work against corruption in all its forms, including extortion and bribery.” Over the last decade, both the public and private sectors have made progress on raising awareness about the […]