Notes Available from Dubai Member Meeting

The MACN team is pleased to share summary notes and full notes from the recent Members Meeting in Dubai.

In total, 85 representatives from 52 member companies, observers and guest speakers attended the meeting. High-level outcomes included:

  • With members’ approval of the strategy, the 2020 direction of MACN is set and implementation of the strategy is the key next step.
  • The three main strategy pillars (Capacity Building, Collective Action, and Culture of Integrity) and their respective roadmaps were presented at the meeting with positive member feedback.
  • The desired outcome of the strategy is to strengthen MACN’s core activities which means:
    • Build on member engagement to create a level playing field and provide support and tools to assist in strengthening members’ internal compliance programs;
    • Deliver result focused collective actions leading to more efficient port operations and reduction of corrupt demands;
    • Collaborate with key stakeholders to raise awareness of integrity issues across the supply chain and promote actions that strengthen integrity culture for private and public sector.

Thank you to all MACN members for your excellent participation! We look forward to seeing you at the next MACN full group members’ meeting in London, 11-12 October 2017.