MACN Partners

Bruchou (Argentina)


In 2014, MACN members established a collective action initiative to promote the reform of the vessel clearance process for loading grain in Argentina, which had been flagged as an issue by MACN members. MACN partnered with Fernando Basch and Guillermo Jorge – two well-recognized lawyers and integrity champions —to drive this effort.

Basch and Jorge have been MACN’s “voice on the ground”, engaging with authorities, local stakeholders, and industry players. They have been responsible for training relevant stakeholders, including inspectors, government officials and port agents, and leading the initiative to success.

Fernando Basch and Guillermo Jorge are Partners at Bruchou, Fernández Madero & Lombardi – a leading full-service firm in Argentina with recognized experience in governance, transparency, and compliance.

Contact: Fernando Basch



The Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN), with the support of the Government of India, has launched a Port Integrity Campaign for the maritime industry in India. This campaign, which aims to reduce and (in the long term) eliminate integrity issues and bottlenecks to trade during operations in Indian ports, is a collective action of MACN, the Government of India, international organizations, and local industry stakeholders. The Port Integrity Campaign has been made possible not only by the strong commitment to it by various arms of the Government of India, but is also driven by the support by other organisations who are part of the maritime trade of India. The key activities of MACN in India are driven in tandem with its local partner in this effort, the Indian National Shipowner’s Association (INSA)

Contact: Mr. Anil Devli

The Convention on Business Integrity (Nigeria)


MACN launched its first collective action project in Nigeria, in 2012. The project was developed on a multi-stakeholder approach, involving stakeholders from both public and private sectors in Nigeria and the maritime industry. Working closely with MACN in various capacities since 2012 and overseeing the local implementation of our project since 2016, is our local partner in West Africa – the Convention on Business Integrity (CBi) with whom we have worked very successfully. CBi provides project management resources in Nigeria and across other targeted African countries.

CBi was established in 1997 with the mission of promoting ethical business practices, transparency and fair competition in the private and public sectors. Over the years the Convention has continued to gain support and followers in West Africa and recognized globally as a very innovative and positive contributor from Africa to global best practices relating to the promotion of good governance– at the governmental level and vis-à-vis the private sector.

CBi is responsible for MACN’s training program for port officials as well as local research and advocacy efforts. The training serves as one important element of MACN’s port integrity project in Nigeria. CBi also assists in escalating issues to senior government officials and to the project steering committee appointed to drive the port integrity project forward.

Contact: Soji Apampa

MACN Consultants


MACN is proud to work with HFW, a leading international law firm. HFW supports MACN with advice and guidance on capacity building in the maritime industry——a key priority of MACN’s strategy.

HFW has over 500 lawyers working across the Americas, Europe, the Middle East, Asia and Australia, and has a strong platform to support maritime players on regulatory and compliance issues, including international trade sanctions, export controls, customs and anti-corruption legislation.

HFW supports MACN with input and guidance to MACN’s tool development, which in turn supports members’ individual implementation of anti-corruption compliance programs. HFW also provides ad-hoc advice on governance and on MACN’s organizational setup and framework.

Contact: Daniel Martin


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