Season’s Greetings from MACN  

This year, MACN together with our members and partners continued to make significant progress in the fight against corruption. We increased our membership, our collective action program expanded, and our engagement with governments around the world continued and increased – recognizing the effectiveness of our collective action methodology.  The commitment and support of our membership lead to several key achievements including:

  • In Nigeria, MACN and CBi furthered its support to members using the HelpDesk. The National Port Integrity Index was launched, which further supports our work in establishing Compliance Functions among respective Government agencies operating in seaports and training them. There is continued support from key Government stakeholders to push for transparent and efficient operations in seaports. The project has also received international recognition and won the Anti-Corruption Collective Action Award 2022 for Outstanding Achievement.
  • In India we have expanded our team with an India-based Project Manager, a Senior Advisor, and a Maritime Expert. We celebrated a Launch Campaign in July, attended by more than 150 participants, and we have also launched a MACN HelpDesk with several solved incidents already. 2023 will be a busy year with high expectations!
  • In Egypt we focused our efforts on engaging the Suez Canal Authority (SCA) and we were pleased to welcome them to MACN’s Fall Meeting where we also signed an MoU which will focus on increased collaboration between the SCA and MACN.
  • In Pakistan, MACN strengthened its local presence and formed a working group against corruption and fraud involving shortage claims on wet cargo.
  • In Bangladesh, we held a launch event in May and have been busy bridging a public-private partnership. We have seen a bigger appetite than expected from the private sector and some welcoming signs from the public sector.
  • In , MACN strengthened the local alliance and continued engaging with partners and industry associations, conducted training activities, and was able to resist Senasa’s initial new regulation proposition.
  • MACN launched a new third-party risk management system, 3 Sea Diligence and the Global Port Integrity Platform (GPIP).
  • MACN has been supporting the work on an IMO guidance on tackling maritime corruption. This guidance was approved at IMO FAL 46 this year and referenced MACN.
  • To support our members, MACN presented at numerous (online) events and member crew seminars.
  • MACN Secretariat engaged with key stakeholders to strengthen integrity during port State Control (PSC) inspections globally and continued our engagement with the Abuja MOU.

The MACN Board and Secretariat would like to thank all our members, partners and donors for your support and dedication to the network in 2022. We wish you a wonderful and joyful holiday season and all the best as you embark on a healthy and successful 2023!