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Kickback Podcast with MACN’s CEO on Collective Action and Addressing Corruption in Shipping

MACN’s CEO, Cecilia Müller Torbrand, was featured on KickBack – The Global Anticorruption Podcast. Cecilia and Liz Dávid-Barrett discussed the data MACN has compiled on corruption incidents and risks in the shipping sector, and how this data is used to push for change. Included in the conversation detailed examples from Argentina and Nigeria were given as examples […]

In Conversation – Special Focus on the fight against maritime corruption podcast

This is a special In Conversation episode of The Maritime Podcast brought to you in collaboration with the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network and we are marking UN International Anti-corruption Day. We are speaking with two prominent industry leaders who are also committed MACN member representatives. Claudio Bozzo, Chief Operating Officer of Mediterranean Shipping Company, and Capt […]

MACN CEO Cecilia Müller Torbrand guests on The Lloyd’s List Podcast

The Lloyd’s List Podcast: Shipping’s quiet corruption revolution Lloyd’s List · The Lloyd’s List Podcast: Shipping’s quiet corruption revolution Despite its reputation for opaque business practice, the shipping industry has, over the past decade, been going through a quietly effective anti-corruption revolution. The Maritime Anti-Corruption Network now represents over 50% of the global fleet and […]

MACN CEO guesting on the Democracy that Delivers podcast

MACN CEO Cecilia Muller Torbrand guesting on the Democracy that Delivers podcast. In the inaugural episode of a new Anti-Corruption & Governance Center podcast series on Private Sector Collective Action hosted by Katya Lysova, two experts on compliance and international trade talk about one of the largest and most sophisticated international anti-corruption coalitions in the […]