The MACN Secretariat

The MACN secretariat is responsible for progressing MACN’s strategic workplans (including MACN’s strategy), ensuring good governance, and managing MACN’s day-to-day work, including with its members, third parties, and funders.

The MACN secretariat office is situated metres from the historic Christianshavn in Central Copenhagen.

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Maritime Anti-Corruption Network
Wildersgade 14
1408 Copenhagen

Cecilia Müller Torbrand

Chief Executive Officer (CEO)


Cecilia leads the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network (MACN), a global business network working toward the vision of a maritime industry free of corruption that enables fair trade to the benefit of society at large. She was one of the front drivers for MACN’s establishment in 2011. MACN has under Cecilia’s leadership grown significantly, won multiple awards, and is considered to be one of the pre-eminent examples of collective action to tackle corruption.

Cecilia is an experienced anti-corruption specialist with more than ten years of expertise in the compliance field. She has multinational experience within shipping and trade and has been responsible for anti-corruption efforts globally; trained management and Captains worldwide; implemented whistle-blowing systems; rolled out country-specific anti-corruption campaigns, and conducted risk assessments, audits, and misconduct investigations. She has led and initiated public-private partnerships to tackle corruption globally in Nigeria, Egypt, Ukraine, India, and Argentina. In 2015 she was awarded “Compliance Officer of the Year” by the C5 Women in Compliance Awards.

Cecilia is a member of the B20 Task Force for Integrity and Compliance and is a member of WEF’s Partnering Against Corruption Initiative. She is a guest lecturer at the World Maritime University.
Tel: +46 702 43 83 50

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Martin Benderson

Associate Director, Collective Action & Partnership Development


As Associate Director for Collective Action and Partnership Development, Martin is responsible for scaling MACN’s Collective Action initiatives and for stewarding MACN’s partnerships with international donor organizations. Martin joined the MACN secretariat in 2014 and has since catalyzed and led Collective Action initiatives to tackle corruption in the port and maritime sector in several countries. He currently oversees MACN’s Collective Action initiatives in Indonesia and Malaysia and has steered MACN’s efforts to establish a Global Port Integrity Platform. Martin also provides oversight and ensures good governance of MACN’s grant portfolio.

Prior to joining the MACN Secretariat, Martin worked as a sustainability consultant, advising corporate clients, international organizations, and donor agencies. Martin holds an MSc in International Economics and a BA in International Relations.
Tel: +45 2120 4643

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Vivek Menon

Associate Director, Global Operations & Industry Engagement


Vivek is responsible for engaging the maritime industry towards MACN’s vision, executing MACN’s collective action projects, leading and overseeing MACN’s operational tools & services, and co-lead private public partnerships in combating corruption in the port and maritime sector.

Prior to joining MACN, Vivek was the head of the maritime occupational safety and health department at Sea Health and Welfare, a Danish non-profit private consultancy and service organization for Danish Shipping. Vivek is a master mariner with more than 20 years of experience in the maritime industry, including sailing as a senior officer aboard merchant ships worldwide. He holds a Master’s degree in maritime affairs with a specialty in maritime law and policy from the World Maritime University, where he is also a guest lecturer.
Tel: +45 2183 6906

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Jonas Søberg Erlandsen

Senior Lead South Asia

Jonas leads the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network’s efforts in South Asia. He is responsible for setting the strategic direction and fostering collaboration between all involved partner organizations and stakeholders in the region.

Jonas has more than 10 years of international experience in the Maritime industry. He has worked for port agencies in West Africa and shipbuilding companies in East and Central Africa. Jonas stems from 5 years of military background.

Jonas holds an Executive MBA in Shipping and Logistics (The Blue MBA) at Copenhagen Business School (Class of 2023), where he was elected Student President.

Tel: +45 23 65 83 36

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Soumya Prakash Dalua

Project Manager, Mumbai, India


Soumya represents MACN in India in the capacity to drive, executive, and monitor MACN’s Collective Action work.  He supports the engagement and recruitment of regional companies to participate in MACN Collective Action projects and plans and executes stakeholder engagement with the maritime industry, government representatives, and civil society.

Soumya has more than 23 years of experience in sales, market research, corporate marketing, IT consulting, and social sector program design and management. He has also been actively involved with the social sector for-profit start-up program called INVENT as Program Manager while working with the Villgro Innovation Foundation. As Sustainability Program Manager at Hindalco, he has the credit of convergence of social sector programs with Govt. funded ones and reported it. He has extensively worked with CSR and grant management sectors while working with the Piramal Foundation in the areas of health, education, and water. He had worked with leading IT companies like Wipro, Infosys, and Capgemini as a Business Analyst in the areas of banking and financial services. He also worked as a Market Analyst with IDC.

Soumya has done his BSc in Physics and MBA in Rural Marketing from Berhampur University, Odisha.

Tel: +91 7683856272

Anna de Vries

Manager Member Relations


As Manager Member Relations, Anna is leading member engagement, and recruitment, managing MACN’s member system and all member-related meetings, as well as providing support on grant governance and project execution. Anna also leads MACN’s Communication efforts. Prior to joining the MACN Secretariat, Anna worked at BSR where she supported the Collaborative Initiatives Portfolio.

Anna holds an MA in Fashion Strategy from ArtEZ Fashion Masters Arnhem, the Netherlands, and a Bachelor of Commerce – Marketing from the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht.

Josephine Gretlund

Finance Lead

Josephine handles all aspects of finance in the Maritime Anti-Corruption Network as MACN Finance Lead. She is responsible for all day-to-day financial tasks, project reporting to donors, audits, invoicing of members as well as budgets and materials for board meetings.

Josephine has more than 25 years of experience with finance from global companies like Maersk, IBM, and Nokia, and from governmental institutions like the Danish Maritime Authority and NGOs like the Danish Red Cross.

Mathias Bak

Associate, Collective Action, Training & Third-Party Risk Management

Mathias is an Associate at MACN where he assists in managing MACN’s regional Collective Action project in South Asia and in developing and implementing compliance and capacity building tools.

Mathias holds an MSc in Global Development from Copenhagen University. Prior to joining the MACN, he worked as a consultant, supporting donors and civil society organizations in the fight against corruption and organized crime.

Flora Caia

Associate, Collective Action & Risk Analysis 


As an Associate, Flora is responsible for MACN’s Global Port Integrity Platform and anonymous incident reporting tool, looking at how MACN’s data can be used by the industry to assess risks and drive collective action work. She is heavily involved in MACN’s collective action in Nigeria and works with the team to expand the work in West Africa.

Flora speaks English, French, and Spanish and holds an M.Sc. in Security Risk Management from the University of Copenhagen and a B.Sc. in International Relations and Business Management from the University of Aberdeen.

Martin Stene

Associate, Collective Action & Risk Analysis


Martin is responsible for MACN’s Collective Action initiative in Argentina, and supports MACN’s in-country expansion to Malaysia and Indonesia. Additionally, he oversees the technological integration of MACN’s global HelpDesk services, enhancing user experience and operational efficiency. Beyond this, he actively engages on the ESG agenda and monitors reporting develop on business ethics.

Martin brings a professional background from the insurance industry, where he has garnered extensive experience from sales, risk assessments and requisite analysis.

He holds a M.Sc. in Security Risk Management from Copenhagen University, and a honour’s degree  in International Relations and International Security from the Jagiellonian University in Krakow, Poland.

Kasper Nielsen

Associate, Collective Action & Seafarer Engagement

Kasper is responsible for overseeing MACN’s daily HelpDesk operations, working closely with our members and local partners in Nigeria, Egypt, Ukraine, and Argentina with the objective of reducing the human and financial impact of corruption.

Kasper holds an M.Sc. in International Security and Law from the University of Southern Denmark. He possesses extensive operational expertise gained through his service as a naval officer and holds a Class 1 Master Mariner certification from the Royal Danish Naval Academy.

Radha Laplamool

Communications Associate


As a Communications Associate, Radha assists in driving member engagement and provides administrative support to MACN members and the internal team. She is responsible for the implementation of communications strategies and contributes to the writing and drafting of media releases.

Prior to joining MACN, Radha was actively involved in several internship opportunities in the private sector, focusing on digital marketing, branding, and communications. She is currently completing her BSc in Business Administration and Digital Management at Copenhagen Business School.

Emil Catel

Junior Associate

Emil is part of the MACN’s incident reporting data team and is working on the development of MACN’s engagement in West Africa. He supports research opportunities through analyses of trends and market conditions and assists the internal team on various projects and collaborative initiatives.

Emil is currently completing his M.Sc. in Security and Risk Management at the University of Copenhagen and holds a B.A. in International Studies from the University of Montreal, Canada.